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Minutes - 13 September 2016
Webster Conservation Commission

13 September 2016



Present:MJ MacGowan, Linda Clark, Sally Embley, Chris Schadler, Bob Quinn, and BetsyJaneway


   1.    AppointSecretary - BetsyJaneway was appointed Secretary.

2.    Minutesfrom the July meeting were accepted aswritten.

3.    Correspondence - Committee reviewed:

         Forestry Notification on Mutton Road: no actionneeded.

         Lake Winnipocket Project of Christine Connors torepair rock wall under her dock: no action needed.

         Pond Hill/West-Wind Village Roads' CulvertReplacement at the Lake's Outlet: Commission members will make a site  

                        visit this Thursday, and at other times convenient to members, and willdiscuss at the October CC meeting.

         Bashan Hollow Road culvert replacement and"Rain Gardens" - Discussed. No action taken.

4.    NHWildlife Coalition:Chris Schadler informed Commission about this group whose mission is to"Foster stewardship of NH's fish, wildlife, and habitat by expandingpublic participation in decision-making and a sustainably-funded F & GDept.

      Its goals are to replace the F & G Commission with anadvisory council of recreational groups and other wildlife organizations;to advocate for sustainable funding; and to change the name from NH F &GCommission to the NH Fish & Wildlife Dept. to better reflect agency'sexpanded responsibilities and foster broader public participation and support.

  Chris Schadler and Jeff Jones will be presenting a workshop on this subjectat the Annual Meeting of NH Conservation Commissions on the first Saturday ofNovember.

5.    NorthernPass - NHConservation Commissions may be asked to discuss Northern Pass at their town'sannual meetings and to ask for a town vote on the Project, yea or nay.

6.    Currierand Ives Byway: appliesonly to Route 127, and not to scenic roads in the town. 

7.    WCCTerms - discussedneed for the chairs of our commission to know they do not have to be chairsforever. Chairwoman MacGowan would enjoy a rest as her work at YBS hasincreased. Ms Schadler volunteered for the position, and as she hasconsiderable experience chairing CCs in Massachusetts and Kensington, NH, shewas elected our new chair by acclimation. The Commission expressed theirenthusiastic gratitude for Ms MacGowan who has chaired the Commission foreleven years. 

8.    NextEvent - Saturday,September 24th at the Webster School: a bird walk. If pond water levels permit,there may be a canoe/kayak paddle in the afternoon, probably on Lake Winnipocket.

9.    NewBusiness - TrailMaintenance on the Riverdale Natural Area will be held at 2:00 on Sunday,October 16th, with members of the Commission and their significant othersinvited to a potluck supper at Bob and MJ MacGowan's house on Clough &Sanborn Road afterwards.

10.Sharing Wildlife Sightings - a Greater Sandhill Crane can be seen in the fieldsnear the school bus parking area in West Hopkinton; the MacGowans have asignificant bat colony living in their large bat house; a mother bear withtriplet cubs have been seen by several residents of Tyler Road.

11.Selectman Bruce Johnson came by with an armload of children's books, and askedfor more from those of us with a surplus, to be delivered to the WebsterSchool, for him to read aloud to the children.


MinutesRespectfully Submitted,

    Betsy Janeway, 9/14/16