Minutes - 14 June 2016
Webster Conservation Commission

14 June 2016


Present:  Sally Embley, Nancy Van Loan, Linda Clark, Mary Jo MacGowan


Guests:  Chris Schadler



Agenda Item


1.    Appoint Secretary

Link Clark agreed to take notes for the meeting


2.    Minutes from May

Linda Clark made a motion to accept the minutes from May and Nancy Van Loan seconded.  The motion passed and the minutes were accepted.

3.    Correspondence

·      Deer Meadow Road – 18” culvert to be replaced

·      Great Bay Discovery Center – Invasive Species website at wildnh.com/invasives

4.    Summer Schedule

Will meet in July but not in August






5.    Outing?

WCC is interested in helping with cleaning the Blackwater River.  MJ will contact Peg Foss about a date.





6.    Bird identification





MJ has a recording that she was asked to identify.  She thinks it might be a Baltimore Oriole (female?).  She will get it to Bob.

7.    New Business





The new Swap Shop at the Recycling Center is opening.  They are looking for assorted items like clothing, DVDs and CDs, toys, books, kitchen things.  Rugs, shoes and purses, jewelry and more

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM



Minutes respectfully submitted by: Nancy Clark 9transcribed by Mary Jo MacGowan)