Minutes - 8 December 2015
Webster Conservation Commission

8 December 2015


Present:  Mary Jo MacGowan (presiding), Betsy Janeway, Sally Embley, Linda Clark, Nancy Van Loan, and Bob Quinn (alternate). 


Agenda Item


1.     Appoint Secretary and alternates, if needed.

Bob Quinn volunteered to take minutes. The meeting was called to order at 7:42 pm.

2.     Minutes from November.

MJ moved and Betsy seconded acceptance of the November minutes. Approved unanimously.   

3.     Correspondence

SPNHF sent information about sending easement reports in digitally.  MJ and Betsy discussed the process for doing that with this year’s reports.

4.     Easement monitoring

Mock and Phelps II are still to be done but MJ will see to it.  Linda and Tom installed a pipe at Riverdale to better mark a corner. Betsy will work with MJ to submit the outstanding reports electronically. Many thanks to Betsy, Linda, Susan, MJ, and Bob MacGowan.  

5.     Wildlife Action Plan meetings



Linda will be attending a mapping session and MJ (and others) plan to attend a wildlife session. Everyone is encouraged to attend one or more meeting. As a reminder we all should report pertinent wildlife settings.

6.     Budget for 2016

MJ has talked with Wendy about our 2016 budget. Wendy was to pay for our 2016 NHACC dues.   

7.     Wildlife sightings

A Red-shouldered Hawk was seen along Route 127 and another Northern Saw-whet Owl was hear at Bob’s house. MJ recently heard a Great Horned Owl. Linda reported Common Goldeneyes on Pillsbury.

8.     Old Business

Betsy presented Nancy Dobe’s class with a program about wetlands/water and it went swimmingly.

9.     Outing

We decided to wait until the next meeting to discuss a possible snow-shoe trip. After a brief presentation by Bob of a Spotted Salamander migration in April 2015 we discussed having a WCC herp watch in the spring of 2016. In general it would be on the first rainy night in April. Details to be determined.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Robert A. Quinn