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Minutes - 10 November 2015
Webster Conservation Commission

10 November 2015


Present:  Mary Jo MacGowan (presiding), Betsy Janeway, Sally Embley, Linda Clark, and Bob Quinn (alternate). 


Agenda Item


1.     Appoint Secretary and alternates, if needed.

Bob Quinn volunteered to take minutes. The meeting was called to order at 7:37 pm.

2.     Minutes from October.

MJ moved and Linda seconded acceptance of the October minutes with the correction of the spelling of “Rockefeller”. 

3.     Correspondence

No mail this month.  

4.     Easement monitoring

All easements have now been monitored except for Mock and Phelps, which are in the works. Linda said that Tom will install a pipe at Riverdale to better mark a corner. Many thanks to Betsy, Linda, MJ, and Bob MacGowan. The reports will be submitted electronically.

5.     NHACC meeting report



Linda and Sally reported on the NH Association of Conservation Commissions Annual Meeting and seminars. Both have already been reimbursed directly through the Town offices. Linda sat in on the “Con Coms 101” and “Maps, data, action” having to do with the Wildlife Action Plan. They brought back several copies of the recently updated NH WAP “Species of Greatest Conservation Needs” list of animals and habitats. Additional W. A. P. flyers and maps were brought back including how individuals and Towns can help by reporting wildlife settings.

6.     Budget for 2016

Linda made a motion to keep our budget the same in 2016 as in 2015, seconded by Betsy. Passed unanimously MJ will give us an accounting no later than our last meeting.

7.     Wildlife sightings

A different Black Bear and also a Northern Saw-whet Owl

8.     New Business

A discussion was held about a letter from the Stoddard Conservation Commission (picked up at the NHACC meeting) encouraging us as a Con Com to “join” them in opposing the proposed season on Bobcats. MJ, Sally, and Betsy will follow up to learn more about this issue, especially the status of this proposed season.


Betsy is still waiting to hear back from Nancy Dobe about helping with a water program for the school.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Robert A. Quinn