Minutes - 10 December 2013
WebsterConservation Commission

 December 10, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 P.M.

Present:Mary Jo MacGowan, Chair. Commission Members: Linda Clark, Sally Embley, BetsyJaneway, Robert Quinn, and Nancy Van Loan.

Janeway was appointed secretary.
1. The November minutes were moved for approval by Embley, seconded by Janeway, andapproved by all.


     Mark Moser sent a letter on behalf of Susan Pantalois withadditional information on her request to build a perched beach and retainingwall at her home in West Wind Village on Lake Winnepocket.

3. WinterOuting: 

    Sunday, February 9 was chosen for a winter outing on Clough andSanborn Hill.

4. New Business: 

    Conservation Commission budget: We decided to raise our budget by$100, asking for $600 from the Town at the March Town Meeting.

    The Commission made a Statement of Support for the proposed SwapShop at the Transfer Station.

5. The meeting adjourned about 8:30.  Cookies and eggnog were consumed withenthusiasm and we all went home some time after nine o’clock.

MinutesRespectfully Submitted by Betsy Janeway

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