Minutes - 12 November 2013
Webster Conservation Commission
12 November 2013

Present:  Betsy Janeway, Sally Embley, Linda Clark, Mary Jo MacGowan

Guests: MJ Turcotte

Agenda Item


1.     Appoint Secretary and Alternates, if needed

Meeting was called to order at 7:38

Linda Clark agreed to take minutes

2.     Minutes from October

Sally make a motion to accept the minutes from October and it was seconded by Linda
3.     Correspondence

·      Ann Hanson, permit for shed and garage on Concord Drive – it was an after the fact DES permit

·      Letter from DES regarding the hydrant that the fire department proposed.  DES asked that the location be moved because of the presence of endangered Brook Floater Mussels at the original location.

Note: DES selected a new location that did not impact the mussels and Chief Wolinski agreed to move the hydrant to the new location.

·      Susan Pantalois – retaining wall and perched beach

·      Katie Ford – 1460 Battle Street – Forestry Notification

4.     Trail Maintenance Update – Riverdale


We had a great turnout – Bob Bradbury, Betsy Janeway, Nancy Van Loan, Tom Clark, Bob Quinn and Bob and Mary Jo MacGowan.  We did maintenance on all of the trails.  Bob Quinn suggested relocation a couple of trails to reduce maintenance.  The field trails were all mowed and trails markings were repainted. 

5.     Update from NHACC Conference

Sally and Linda shared information about the conference.  Betsy agreed to serve on the board of the NHACC.

A motion was made, seconded and approved to pay $220 to the NHACC for our annual membership.

6.     New Business



Betsy reported on the town owned lots.  Highlights included:

·      Map 10 – lot 4-85 Granite Way – no space for setbacks

·      Map 5 Lot 35 – Snyder’s Mill – wildlife value

·      Map 10 lots 141, 142 – Nesting Area, Bob – wildlife value

·      Amherst Drive is not longer a road per town vote

Mary Jo will send the report to Mason along with the original notes

Linda gave an update regarding the garage and driveway on NH Drive.  She talked with DES and the viewed the property

Next meeting is our holiday party – bring cheer!


Meeting was adjourned at 9:06 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Linda Clark