Minutes - 15 October 2013

WebsterConservation Commission

15 October 2013 Minutes

Present: Mary Jo MacGowan, Chair, Linda Clark, SallyEmbley, Susan Roman, Bob Quinn, Nancy Van Loan

Meeting opened at 7:32 PM

Nancy Van loan appointed secretary for thismeeting

Minutes from September 2013 approved as read.


DES sent the board a copy of the dock permitfor the Benson property on lake Wnnapocket which was reviewed.

A driveway on Pillsbury lake was discussedregarding a permit and set backs. Linda Clark will . follow up with a call to DES. SusanRoman will research town regulations regarding driveway permits.

A fall event will be held on Sunday, October 27at l:00 PM. We will maintain the trails at Riverdale.

NHACCAnnual Meeting will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2013. Wewill send 3 members to represent our town.


Fire Chief Wolinski presented a proposal toput a dry hydrant on town land behind the ball field. A motion to accept was moved by Susan Romanand seconded by Linda Clark. It was approved.

Fifty-six (56) parcels of abandoned land inWebster, (Pillsbury Lake area) were walked by Betsy Janeway, Linda Clark, andSally Embley on Tuesday October 15, 2013. Theselots will be evaluated for conservation and wildlife value and WCC makerecommendations to the Select Board.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:03 PM

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Nancy VanLoan