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Minutes - 11 June 2013
WebsterConservation Commission Minutes from June 11, 2013

TheCommission met at the Webster Town Office.

Present:Chairperson Mary Jo MacGowan, Linda Clark, Sally Embley, Betsy Janeway, SusanRoman, and Nancy Van Loan.

Meetingcalled to order at 7:35 P.M.

1. BetsyJaneway appointed secretary.

2.Minutes from May 14 were distributed and read. Ms Clark moved their acceptanceand Ms MacGowan seconded. Minutes accepted.

            Letter from David Sutton on TylerRoad states that he has sold his property and will move away in September; thebuyers are aware of the conservation easement on the Blackwater River.Commission agreed it would be good to meet new owners in September or Octoberand review and walk the easement with them.
            Gary S. Clifford has applied for awetland permit to dredge and replace a roadside culvert at his Tyler Roadproperty.
            Pillsbury Lake Association hasdecided to harvest the aquatic plants that interfere with boat propellers,instead of applying herbicides. The harvesting will be done some time betweenmid-June and mid-July. The plants will be piled by the shore and people can useit for compost or mulch.  

4. PhelpsEasement: Ms. Roman reported that they are almost ready to close, awaiting adocument from Mr. Edward Phelps. $10,000 will be transferred from the WebsterLand Conservation Trust to the law firm of Ransmier, Spellman for the Phelpsaccount, to cover the costs of the easement.

5. NextEvent: a paddle on Lake Winnipocket in August, the 24th was suggested.

6. TownLands: Selectman Mason Donovan would like to hold a meeting, the purpose ofwhich would be to discuss Town-owned lots, and what the Town should do withthem.

7. NewBusiness: Warner is studying fish populations in streams and river and wouldwelcome volunteers. Brook trout fingerlings have been discovered in a smallbrook!

Susan andBetsy volunteered their available dates.

We votednot to hold summer meetings. Next meeting is Tuesday, September 10th.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Betsy Janeway