Minutes - 19 July 2011

Webster Conservation Commission
19 July 2011
Present:  Mary Jo MacGowan presiding; Sally Embley, Betsy Janeway, and Nancy Van Loan.
Agenda Item
1.      Appoint Secretary and Alternates, if needed
Mary Jo (MJ) called the meeting to order at 7:42 p.m. Sally vounteered to take the minutes.
2.      Minutes from May and June
The May minutes having been lost in the ether, Betsy agreed to resend them. Noting that other organizations approve their minutes electronically, she made a motion to that effect (seconded by Nancy) and consent was unanimous.
MJ circulated a copy of the June minutes, which had been prepared by Susan Roman. After all present had reviewed the text, MJ moved they be approved (seconded by Betsy) and the June minutes were approved.
3.      Correspondence
·       A copy of the latest issue of Ausbon Sargent’s “Chatter.”
·       An invitation to attend the “Coverts Project,” a three-day program at the Greenfield Conference Center, September 21 -24. Persons wishing to attend must first submit an application outlining their qualifications.
·       A courtesy notice from DES regarding the results of the most recent dam inspection at Pillsbury Lake.
4.      Mapping Update

Vanessa Jones at Audubon has sent us the first draft of a map showing the properties in Webster currently under easement. The Trumbull Pond and the Little Hill easements are not shown, but Betsy said she could supply Vanessa with that information. Apparently some of the easement boundaries don’t coincide with those on the tax maps, so MJ will contact her to learn more.  
5.      Trail Maintenance
It has been some time since the WCC has done trail maintenance in the Mock Forest and Riverdale. It was agreed that we should schedule a work session some weekend this fall. We will discuss plans and set a date at our next meeting.
6.      Next Outing
MJ will prepare a short announcement for the Grapevine, inviting the community to our Trumbull Pond paddle on Sunday, August 14 at 3 p.m. – Note: later in the meeting after it was determined that no one present was available to attend the outing, MJ decided to cancel it.
7.       New Business

The group accepted with great regret the resignation of Nancy Clark, a longtime commissioner who has been serving as an alternate most recently.
Ron Finlayson, Sr. has again asked for WCC approval regarding tree removal on a right of way to Lake Winnepocket. As before, MJ will advise him that this is a DES matter since it falls under the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act.
Betsy moved (seconded by Nancy) that we move our meetings back to the second Tuesday of the month. It was agreed that we would not hold a meeting in August, so the NEXT MEETING of the Commission will be on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 13.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Embley8