Minutes - 15 March 2011
Webster Conservation Commission
15 March 2011
Present:  Mary Jo MacGowan presiding; Sally Embley, Betsy Janeway, Bob Quinn, Susan Roman, and Nancy Van Loan.
Agenda Item
1.      Appoint Secretary and Alternates, if needed
Mary Jo called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m. Sally offered to take the minutes.
2.      Minutes from February
Accepted. Moved by Betsy, seconded by Sally.
3.      Correspondence
·       Letter from Ausbon Sargent updating us on its recent activities. Betsy moved (seconded by Nancy) that we donate $100 to the trust in support of its work. Motion adopted unanimously.
·       Invitation to attend April 9 conference, “Saving Special Places.” Susan stated she would like to attend, and Bob moved (Nancy second) that the WCC pay the $60 registration fee. Motion passed.
·       Announcement of the Merrimack County Conservation District’s annual plant sale. The order deadline is April 9.
·       An order form for “The Real Dirt,” a UNH publication on the importance of local, sustainable farms. Sally has a copy (on loan to Susan) and strongly recommended that we buy another copy for the Webster library.
4.      Membership

Noting that the WCC is limited to 5 commissioners, Mary Jo reviewed the terms and status of our current members. Terms for both Nancy Van Loan and Bob Quinn expire this year, and both agreed to have their names submitted to the Select Board for continuation.  (Bob and Nancy Clark will continue as alternates, but Jack Chwasciak’s name will be withdrawn.)
5.      Conservation Easement Monitoring
Betsy stated that she had already filed her report with SPNHF and questioned why separate reports for the same properties were required at different intervals. MJ said she would create a calendar for all the easements we are responsible for monitoring in hopes that might reduce the duplication.
6.      2011 NH Water & Watershed Conference (3/25 & 3/26)
Susan reported that she had attended previous conferences and said they were valuable. Unfortunately no one is free to attend that weekend.
7.      Snowshoe Hike Wrap-up; Next Event?

The Sunday 2/20 outing at the Van Loans’ received stellar reviews even though only a dozen or so people participated. Making it a social occasion with refreshments was a good idea. Susan suggested that a future program might bring people out if it were combined with a spaghetti dinner. Betsy suggested inviting a speaker such as David Carroll, and Bob said he would be willing to lead another bird walk, so several options are possible for a June program –to be decided at our April meeting.
8.      Follow-up on Planning Meeting with Carol Foss

9. New Business

The group discussed the various maps that Carol said could be created for us by the Audubon Society (see February minutes for a complete list). If Webster’s tax maps are currently available on line, we would like to have them as overlays. Betsy has identified vernal pools that should be incorporated into any wetland maps, and a more refined map of soil types and plant communities would also be on our “wish list.” No decisions were reached, and costs are still unknown. Bob reported that he is still researching prices for a GPS, which also requires the purchase of software.

MJ asked for volunteers to help her sort WCC maps and materials that are stored in the meeting room. The group will meet at 5 p.m. on March 28 to review and/or cull accumulated records.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Embley