Minutes - 16 November 2010
Webster Conservation Commission
16 November 2010
Present: Nancy Van Loan, Nancy Clark, Bob Quinn, Mary Jo MacGowan
Agenda Item
1.      Appoint Secretary and Alternates, if needed
Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM
Nancy Van Loan agreed to take notes
Alternates were granted voting privileges for the meeting
2.      Minutes from September
Nancy Clark made a motion to accept the September minutes
Bob Quinn seconded and the motion passed
3.      Correspondence
1.      DES – Shoreland permit for George Radcliffe, Deer Meadow Rd
2.      Complete Forestry Notice – Royall Victor III
3.      DES Letter of Deficiency WD WET 10-037 Sandra Alexander
4.      Complete Forestry Notice – Gary Hillsgrove
5.       Copy of Complaint Re: file 2010-2687
6.      Easement monitoring letter from SPNHF for Janeway and Rockefeller easements.  Forms are due 15 January 2010.
7.      Ron Frost Easement - update
Ron has decided to put his easement on the back burner for the time being.  He asked Mary Jo to notify Fiver Rivers and she did.  He also asked if anyone from WCC had placed flagging on his property.  Mary Jo said no but promised to double check at the meeting to confirm and did.  
8.      Membership Dues – update
Motion was heard to pay NHACC annual membership dues of $200.  Bob Quinn made the motion seconded by Nancy Clark and it passed.
9.      NHACC Conference
Sally Embley and Mary Jo MacGowan attended the annual conference.  Mary Jo talked about the sessions she attended particularly about a hands on morning workshop conducted by Chris Kane of Kane & Ingraham Conservation Consultants called ‘Hands on Conservation Easement Monitoring’.  She also attended ‘Communities Taking Action for Wildlife: Using NH’s Web Resources’ by Amanda Stone and Frank Mitchell from UNH Cooperative Extension and Lindsey Webb from NH Fish and Game and ‘The State of the Birds: What NH Communities can do to help bird populations’ but Pam Hunt, NH Audubon.  Sally was not present but can give an update on the sessions she attended at the next meeting.
10.     Taking Action for Wildlife
Mary Jo talked about the fantastic new resource, Taking Action for Wildlife (http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Wildlife/wildlife_plan.htm) and encouraged all commissioners to check out the web site.  There are lots of tools for conservation planning.  
11.     WCC Material and Documentation
We need to review, purge and organize our material and try to get everything into our cabinet (except for the larger maps).  We will plan a specific date when two or three of us can get together and purge.  We will plan this activity in January or February.
12.     Schedule Time for Planning
Carol Foss from NH Audubon offered to come and help to get us started and focused on conservation planning.  Bob will check to see if she is available in January or February.  We also talked about large tracts of land along the river that likely have high conservation value.  
13.     New Business
Membership was discussed and will be put on the agenda for December
We had a brief discussion about easement monitoring and even discussed looking into purchasing a GPS device for the WCC.
1.      Bob will contact Carol Foss about meeting with us in January or February COMPLETE

2.      Bob and Mary Jo will research pricing and details on hand-held GPS devices In Progress
3.      Mary Jo will call Ron Frost to reassure him that no one from WCC flagged his property COMPLETE
4.       Mary Jo will re-send current membership (with terms) to WCC COMPLETE
5.      Mary Jo will contact NHACC to determine their recommendations on record keeping  COMPLETE
6.      Mary Jo will put together and send out her notes from 16 June 2010 planning meeting at Susan’s home Open
7.      Mary Jo will look at possible dates for easement monitoring Wait for Update from Betsy and Nancy
Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Nancy Van Loan and Mary Jo MacGowanN