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Minutes 21 September 2010

Webster Conservation Commission
21 September 2010
Present: Nancy Clark, Sally Embley, Nancy Van Loan, Mary Jo MacGowan

Agenda Item
1.      Appoint Secretary and Alternates, if needed
Meeting was called to order at 7:35
Alternates Nancy Van Loan and Nancy Clark were appointed as voting members

2.      Correspondence
DES Notification
·       Complete Forestry Notification: Richard George
·       Wetlands and Non-Site Specific Permit 2007-01243: Kelly Lineberry
·       Shoreland Impact Permit – 2010-01782: Frank Baker
               73 Concord Drive
·       SPNHF sent a hard copy of ‘Amending or Terminating Conservation Easements’ a link to an electronic copy will be sent out to all WCC members

3.      Pillsbury Lake Complaint
We received a complaint from MJ Turcotte about an application of rip-rap on Pillsbury Lake.  Technical difficulties preventing sharing pictures of the property but they will be emailed to everyone on the WCC.  Mary Jo emailed Jeffrey Blecharczyk of Shoreland Compliance and asked for the DES position on use of rip-rap.   She also asked if the work was permitted and what action was being taken.  He responded that , “the Department is reviewing the possible actions to be undertaken at 35 New Hampshire Dr, to address the situation.~ The Department looks to issue a decision within the next two weeks.~ Your office and the Town will receive copies of that decision.”
4.      Membership Dues
We received an invoice for the NH Association of Conservation Commissioners for the 2011 membership.  The bill is $200.  Sally made a motion that we pay the bill and Nancy Clark seconded.  The motion passed and once the September minutes are passed, the bill will be submitted.

We also discussed membership in Ausbon Sargent, the Forest Society and Five Rivers but decided to wait when all members are present to have the discussion. Mary Jo will gather more information for the next meeting.

5.      Trumbull Pond Outing
Ausbon Sargent and the Courser family are hosting a walk at Trumbull Pond on 14 October from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  Mary Jo submitted the information for the Grapevine and will also send it out to all WCC Members.

6.      Planning Update
Bob Quinn was away for the meeting but he reported that he has spoken with Carol Foss at Audubon and she is willing to work with us regarding maps and such for our planning purposes.  She is willing to attend a meeting when the time is right.

7.      New Business
A group of us walked Ron Frost’s property in early July (Bob Quinn, Sally Embley, Ron Frost, Jay Haines and Steve Lee from Fiver Rivers).  The project is very desirable but may take some time to come together.

Mary Jo reported that she participated in a couple of river cleanup activities this summer with other people from town organized by Peg Foss. The river would make an excellent outing next summer.

We talked about a fall outing but our next meeting won’t be until the middle of October so we will look forward to a winter outing.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Nancy Van Loan and Mary Jo MacGowan