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Minutes - 8 March 2010
The Webster Conservation Commission met on March 8, 2010 at the Town office.
Present: Mary Jo MacGowan (Chair), Nancy Clark, Sally Embley, Betsy Janeway, Susan Roman and Nancy Van Loan.  Guest: Jere Buckley.

1. The meeting began at 7:30.  Betsy Janeway was appointed Secretary.
2. The January 19th meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
3. Correspondence:
        Lake Winnepocket Shoreland: All the big white pines on Robert Downey’s land have been cut down for the sake of safety. Ms MacGowan visited the site in January. The landowner was in contact with DES and followed their recommendations.
        Warner River Complaint: The complaint sent to the Conservation Commission was forwarded to the select board as it is in their jurisdiction.  There have been reports of illegal cutting in the protected floodplain.  That would fall under the jurisdiction of DES Shoreland Protection.  Ms Janeway looked across the river from Dustin Road to the Azmy property and believed she saw uncut trees (but on March 10 she looked more carefully and noted heavy cutting within the Shoreland Protection Area.) Mr. Azmy has been cited for junkyard and zoning violations, but not, so far, for shoreland violations.

4. Possibility of timber harvests on Town Forest (The Mock Forest, Swetts Mills) and conservation land (The Blackwater River Natural Area, Tyler Rd.): When weather permits, WCC’s  Jane Difley (forester) and Janeway will explore and evaluate.

5. Easement monitoring: Ms MacGowan will email Stephen Walker to see when forms will be sent, and she will try to get the forms from the SPNHF as well, so as to coordinate monitoring work and be able to fill out and mail back monitoring forms at the same time.

6. Toomey Lot on Deer Meadow Road near Christopher Rd. Jct.: the lot, mostly wetland (a wooded swamp), was judged to be too insignificant for the WCC to take on as a responsibility.  Ms MacGowan will reply to Marie Toomey, advising her to write directly to the Select Board and offer the Town this lot, which is next to a Town-owned lot.

7. Saving Special Places conference April 10, Concord: WCC voted to pay for as many as three participants at $60 each from the WCC to attend. Ms Roman and MacGowan expressed interest.  

8. Currier & Ives Scenic Byway Update: The Corridor Management Plan will be presented to the Select Board later in March, and they will be asked to vote for their willingness to appoint a Byways Council to administer the Plan.

9. Spring Outing: Ms MacGowan will ask Bob Quinn if and when he would like to lead a spring walk  for Webster residents.

10. New Business:  The Largest Source Water Conference in New England: Jack Chwasciak sent information on the April 30th Conference to be held from 9:00 to 4:00 at the Grappone Center.  $30 each participant. WCC voted to pay for three participants.
        Mr. Buckley asked about the wetland violations from loggers on Little Hill. Ms MacGowan explained that a sale could not take place until violations were repaired but that the ASLPT/TNC project is progressing.

Respectfully submitted, Betsy Janeway