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Minutes - 19 January 2010

Webster Conservation Commission
19 January 2010

Present: Mary Jo MacGowan, presiding; Nancy Clark, Sally Embley, Susan Roman, and Nancy Van Loan
Guests:  Beth McGuinn, Bob MacGowan

Agenda Item
1.      Appoint Secretary and Alternates, if needed
Sally Embley volunteered to take minutes.  Meeting called to order at 7:42 p.m.
2.      Minutes from December
Accepted with a minor amendment (moved by Susan Roman, seconded by Nancy Van Loan as amended).
3.      Correspondence
Letter from Ron Finlayson, Sr. informing WCC of plans to cut 5 tall pines on land abutting Lake Winnepocket. Although CSPA rules apply, it does not appear that the landowners applied to DES for a permit.  Susan Roman will be contacting DES on a wetlands issue and will seek clarification of WCC’s role when DES jurisdiction applies.
E-mail from Michael Evans regarding conditions on Gamil Azmy’s property, which borders the Warner River.  The email contained photos of snow-covered junk on the property, despite citations from both Warner and Webster. Mary Jo will forward this correspondence to the Selectmen.
4.      Trumbull Pond Project Update
Beth McGuinn from the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust reported that fundraising for the project was going well, with more than three-quarters of the funding already raised or pledged.  The project has to close by June, however, so a more public campaign may be launched after ASLPT learns the outcome of two outstanding grants.
Beth also said that the Blackwater Connector Project is proceeding even though the wetlands violations (reported on by Betsy Janeway at the November meeting) cannot be addressed until spring. The easement is written, the survey is done; and an escrow account may be set up to expedite the final transaction.
5.      Update on Currier and Ives Scenic Byway
Susan Roman explained that the Webster BOS declined to sign a Letter of Intent that would have authorized the placement of signs and a kiosk as part of the Byway. She and Sue Rauth were both unhappy with the broad language in the proposed Corridor Management Plan and have asked for modifications that reflect Webster’s circumstances.
6.      Report on Recycling Committee
Sally Embley described the committee’s plans to get a pay-per-bag system adopted in Hopkinton. (Webster residents would be checked at the Transfer Station but otherwise would not be affected.) Both Webster and Hopkinton have announced that they will be leaving the Concord Regional Co-op rather than participate in the planned single-stream Municipal Refuse Facility, estimated to cost $13 million.
7.      Winter Outing
The group agreed to another snowshoe excursion, probably in March. Nancy Clark will inquire about access to the Rockefeller property along the Blackwater.

Meeting was adjourned at p.m. 9:05
Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Embley