Minutes - 16 June 2009

Webster Conservation Commission
16 June 2009

Present: Mary Jo MacGowan, presiding; Nancy Clark, Sally Embley, Betsy Janeway, and Nancy Van Loan. Guest: Michael Jette.

Agenda Item
Appoint Secretary
The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. Sally volunteered to take minutes.
Mike Jette’s erosion problem
Mr. Jette, who resides at 65 Clothespin Bridge Road, attended the meeting to seek the WCC’s advice on stemming erosion to his riverfront property. The Blackwater is unusually high and the bank, scoured from past flooding, is being seriously undercut by the current. Mike is familiar with the CSPA and DES procedures, having been a member of the Boscawen CC. He would rather not resort to riprap to stabilize the bank.
Nancy C. currently has the WCC copy of “Landscaping at the Water’s Edge,” and she promised to hand-deliver it to his house as she and Betsy inspected the site. Betsy recalled attending an NHACC workshop that recommended using old Christmas trees driven into the bank, and she also suggested planting red osier dogwood (available from the State nursery in Boscawen). The Merrimack County Extension Service is another good resource.  MJ also agreed to contact the NHACC to get more information about the workshop.
Minutes from March, May
The March 17 minutes, written by Nancy V., were approved as read (motion by MJ, seconded by Sally); the May 19 minutes, prepared by Betsy, were also approved (moved by Nancy C. and seconded by Nancy V). There were no minutes from April, as that meeting was cancelled. MJ will submit both sets of minutes to the Town office and post them on the WCC website.
The WCC received copies of two DES letters, one advising that the Department had closed the file on a 2006 wetlands complaint concerning a Concord St property, and a very recent complaint about a violation of the Comprehensive Shoreline Protection Act involving the cutting of trees and saplings on the banks of the Blackwater. The owners of the 147 Frost Lane property (who live in Connecticut) have 20 days to respond. Betsy and Nancy C. agreed to check out the damage and report back to the WCC.
Brintnall Culvert update
On June 15, MJ, Betsy, Nancy C., and Bob Quinn visited the site of the new driveway and culvert. PSNH will not allow them to remove the culvert and run existing power lines under the brook. The problem now concerns the high cost of rerouting power lines above ground – an estimated $25,000 to erect two new telephone poles! The WCC is in agreement that while removing the culvert is the ideal scenario, we understand the hardship it would create and do not oppose leaving it in place. The culvert has been there for ten years and is well integrated into its surroundings. MJ will write a letter to DES, stating that we do not oppose this approach.
Spring/Summer Outing
The June 14 birding expedition was rained out but may be rescheduled. The group decided to sponsor a “paddle” from the Beaver Dam Brook launch site south to Walker Pond on Sunday, July 12 at 3 p.m. MJ will write up something for the Grapevine, inviting the public to join us. It was agreed that September might be a better time for trail clean-up/maintenance, although the entrance to Mock Forest may need more immediate attention.
Membership Update
Jane Difley is to be officially sworn in as a WCC commissioner.
New Business
MJ reminded members about the Groundwater meeting scheduled for Monday, June 22, at 6:30 at the Town Hall. The meeting is the last of nine regional presentations designed to gather input on municipalities’ role in groundwater withdrawals. WCC member Susan Roman, who now serves on Executive Committee. of the Central NH Planning Commission, was instrumental in arranging this program
Sally reported that the Hopkinton-Webster Recycling Committee is promoting the establishment of a swap shop at the transfer station.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Embley