Minutes - 17 February 2009
Webster Conservation Commission
February 17, 2009

Present: Mary Jo MacGowan, presiding; Nancy Clark, Sally Embley, Dave Klumb, Susan Roman.
Guest: Bob Quinn

Agenda Item
1.      Appoint  Secretary
Sally agreed to take minutes.
Meeting called to order at 7:32 p.m.
2.      Minutes
The minutes from both December and January were approved as written.
3.      Correspondence
·       Annual dues notice from the Society for the Protection of NH Forests. In the past, the WCC has waived payment as the commissioners have been individual members. Susan moved (seconded by Nancy) that we support SPNHF as an organization by officially joining at the $50 level. Motion carried unanimously. MJ will call Jane Difley to confirm arrangement.
·        Letter from the Courser family thanking the WCC for Webster’s contribution to the successful completion of Phase III.
·       Easement documents (official deed, maps) related to the completed portion of the Courser easement in Webster.
·       Notice of Farm and Forest Expo held earlier this month in Manchester.
4.      General Updates
·       Warrant Articles Pursuant to RSA 36-A:4-a, 1(b) and 1(a): MJ will speak to these two articles at Town Meeting on March 14.
·       Recycling Committee: Hopkinton residents will be voting in March whether  to adopt a Pay as You Throw program. Since Hopkinton and Webster share the landfill, it is not clear whether PAYT can be instituted even if the referendum garners the necessary two-thirds plurality.
·       Ron Frost Easement: Susan volunteered to follow up with SPNHF’s Brian Hotz and the landowner to learn of any new developments.
5.      Winter Outing
The Sunday, March 8 outing will kick off at 2 p.m. at the Blackwater Dam parking lot and wrap up by 4:30. (NOTE: Given the steep drop to the hiking trail, snowshoes may be preferable to skis.) An invitation to the public will be included in the March Grapevine; hot cocoa and cookies may be offered as an incentive to attend!
6.      New Business
·       Agricultural Commission: At its last meeting, the Select Board voted to recommend a warrant article establishing a 3-member Agricultural Commission for Webster.  Susan has agreed to be a member; Bob Drown Jr., who originally pushed for it, now says he’s too busy. If approved, the commission would not have any regulatory power but could advise the town on agricultural issues.
·       Outreach by Legislature’s Groundwater Commission: Susan serves on a subcommittee that is developing a monograph on NH towns’ powers vis-à-vis water withdrawals. It will be part of a tool kit presented through the various regional planning commissions this spring. (Webster has rejoined the Central Planning Commission and may attend their presentation, which should be held in April or May.)
·       DES will be hosting a program on drinking water Friday, May 1 at the Grappone Center in Concord. The registration fee is $25.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:57 p.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Sally C. Embley