2008-12-16 WCC Minutes
2008 Webster Conservation Commission
Minutes for December 16, 2008

Present: Mary Jo MacGowan (chair), Sally Embley, Betsy Janeway, and Nancy Van Loan.  Excused: Nancy Clark, Jane Difley, and Susan Roman. Guest: Selectman Dave Klumb

The meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.m. and Sally volunteered to take minutes.

November Minutes : Nancy moved acceptance of last month’s minutes, seconded by Sally. The minutes were approved as written. Review of correspondence was postponed since Sally hadn’t retrieved the mail and it was locked in the Town office.

Finances: Mary Jo made a motion to approve the expenditure of $200 for annual dues to the NH Association of Conservation Commissions (NHACC). Sally seconded the motion, which was approved.

Updates: Mary Jo noted that Phase III of the Courser easement had been formally completed. She reported that the WCC Webpage is up to date with the most recent minutes, and there will be links to CC activities in other towns as they become available. our website is now a link from the NHACC webpage.  She said that Susan Roman completed the survey form developed by UNH to ascertain towns’ concerns about local water issues. The results may be used to formulate statewide water protection plans and possibly legislation. Mary Jo also sent a letter to the Bradford Conservation Commission commending the map work that Adam Bronstein has done for our commission. Monitoring of the SPNHF easements will be done after New Year’s.

Warrant Articles Designed to Clarify Easements: Selectman Klumb reported that the Board of Selectmen had no objection to one  the second article submitted since it included the phrase,”subject to the selectmen’s approval.” The other first article, however, has no such caveat, and will have to be submitted by petition. A minimum of 25 signatures is required, and the deadline for submission is February 3. The group discussed ways that the RSA verbiage could be made more understandable, and Mary Jo agreed to draft an explanation of the warrant’s purpose.
Betsy pointed out the importance of such easements, noting the value of the Ron Frost property on the Blackwater. Mary Jo said she doesn’t believe Five Rivers is interested, but she will speak again with Ron and then follow-up with Chuck Knox.

Following the sharing of holiday refreshments, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sally Embley