2008-09-16 WCC Minutes
Webster Conservation Commission
16 September 2008
Present: Mary Jo MacGowan, chair; Nancy Clark, Sally Embley, Betsy Janeway, Nancy Van Loan, and Susan Roman

Agenda Item
1.      Appoint Secretary and Alternates, if needed
Meeting called to order at 7:40. Sally volunteered to take minutes
2.      Minutes from~July
Sally moved that the July minutes be accepted; seconded by Betsy. Motion passed unanimously.
3.      Correspondence
·       Letter from DES re: Kathryn Wheeler Revocable Trust (2008-00600) concerning a perched beach in West Wind Village, Lake Winnepocket.
·       Letter from DES re: Isabel Britnall (2007-00848) regarding conditions to be met for a road to a lakefront property.
Information items; no action required.

4.      LCIP Land – Field and Office Files
Mary Jo met recently with Steven Walker, Stewardship Specialist with the Conservation Land Stewardship Program (NH Office of Energy and Planning), who provided file folders for each of the LCIP easements that the WCC is responsible for monitoring. There is a field and office folder for every property.  Each of the seven folders contains boundary info, aerial maps, and GPS locators as well as pockets for future reports and photos. The group agreed this is a wonderful start and that we should follow up with comparable files for the remaining conservation easements in town.
5.      Organization of office
The WCC is allotted several desk drawers in the office/storage room where we meet. In order to accommodate the new files, Mr. Walker strongly recommended a filing cabinet that can be locked. Betsy made a motion, seconded by Susan, that Mary Jo be authorized to spend up to $250 on a filing cabinet, filing supplies, and possibly a map storage unit.  Motion carried unanimously. Susan also suggested that we request an Internet connection for the room, a feature that would make the area more useful to other town committees as well.
6.      Pillsbury Lake Hunting Preserve  
Betsy had no update on this issue.
7.      Natural Resource Inventory
Mary Jo has a booklet on how to proceed with a Natural Resource Inventory and feels that a formal inventory of Webster’s natural resources would help the WCC set priorities in this area. Sally noted that the Warner CC has been working on an NRI with SPNHF, and perhaps someone from Warner could speak to our group about their experience.
8.      New Business
As an alternate to the Hopkinton-Webster Landfill Committee, Sally reported on the joint BOS meeting she attended on September 15 where Pay As You Throw was hotly debated.  She also reported that the Webster Elementary School has formally begun recycling as part of the Merrimack Valley School District’s overall plan.
Concerning new initiatives, Nancy Clark suggested the WCC focus on community service projects in existing nature areas --involving more local residents in trail maintenance and boundary walking, for instance. We should also consider paying outside people for tasks (such as mowing) that have to be done periodically.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:13 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Embley