2008-06-17 WCC Minutes

Minutes of the Webster Conservation Commission~~~~

June 17, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Ms MacGowan at 7:50 PM
Present:~ MJ MacGowan (Chair), Betsy Janeway, Susan Roman, Sally Embley

1. Betsy volunteered to be secretary.
2. Minutes of April meeting approved. (There was no May meeting)
3. Correspondence: mostly expired dates on events, meetings, conferences.~ Discussed mail for WCC left in Town Office.~ Sally will check the mail in between our meetings to see if any action is required on wetland applications.~ The Leslie & Brenda Silver property on 127 has been inspected and “wetland violations have been satisfactorily corrected.”~ Betsy, Jack and Tom Vernon have been reappointed/appointed to the WCC.

4. Spring Field Trip to Trumbull Pond had six attendees. Betsy led the trip.

5. Conservation easements are monitored and the forms are ready to be mailed.

6. ChemLawn truck seen on lawn of Marquis house at North end of Lake Winnipocket~June 12, 2008.~ Sally did not have time to talk to driver.

7. Planning an event. to raise funding for and awareness of the value to the Town of keeping Trumbull Pond undeveloped.~ MJ will ask Ausbon-Sargent’s Debbie Stanley to advise us on fundraising.~

8. David Victor Conservation Easement at South end Lake Winnepocket: Lesson learned from Victor Easement’s proposed new driveway: WCC should always write a letter to conservation easement holders expressing any reservations we have about any proposed changes to the easement.~ To do nothing at all reflects poorly on the Commission.

9 Adjourned at 9:20 PM. Next meeting July 15th.~

Minutes Respectfully Submitted,
~~~~Betsy Janeway