2008-04-15 WCC Minutes
Webster Conservation Committee
April 15, 2008 meeting

Present:   Mary Jo MacGowan, Betsy Janeway, Nancy Clark, Nancy Van Loan, Tom Vernon, Sally Embley, Dave Klumb

Minutes recorded by Tom Vernon

Meeting was called to order at 7:35.

1. Mary Jo decided to skip appointment of secretary and alternates

2. Minutes from March meeting were approved Nancy Clark motioned, Betsy J 2nd.

3. Correspondence was read and discussed. Materials received:
·       Letter from DES 3/17/08  wetlands permit
·       Zoning ordinance – Town of Webster
·       Letter on Wheeler application from DES

Nancy Clark motioned to sign expedited Wheeler application, the motion is approved

4.  Mapping update.  Betsy notes need for minor corrections on map, some errors, lettering is difficult to read. A Nature Conservancy map is circulated, it seems to present the information more clearly.

5.  Membership Three new members are being nominated: Nancy Clark, Nancy Van Loan, Tom Vernon. Jane Difley has asked to be made an alternate. Tom may go with Mary Jo to the Select Board meeting to introduce himself.

6.  Courser Phase IV – Planning  Discussion of a field trip to Trumball Pond

7.  Spring field trip – Discussion of a date, May 24 is tentative

8.  Easement monitoring. Easements must be monitored yearly. Betsy will train Tom Vernon on how to do these and the necessary paperwork

9.  Web site is discussed briefly. Initial problems with updating the site by Mary Jo have been resolved

10.  New Business. There was no new business

The meeting was adjourned at 9:17