2008-01-15 WCC Minutes

2008 Webster Conservation Commission

Webster Conservation Commission (WCC)~~~~~~~~             ~~~~Minutes for:~ January 15, 2008, Meeting

Present:        Mary Jo MacGowan (Chair), Betsy Janeway, Sally Embley, Susan Roman
        Jack Chwasciak,    Excused:  Nancy Clark, Jane Difley, Dave Klumb

Ms. MacGowan opened the meeting at 7:35 pm

Acceptance of Minutes~ The minutes from the December 2007 meeting were reviewed by the members present.~ Move to accept by Mr. Chwasciak.  Second by Ms. MacGowan.~ Vote to accept minutes.

Correspondence Received by WCC~  Correspondence received by the WCC include notices of training sessions and seminars such as one from the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance entitled “Heritage & Historic District Commission Training” to be held on January 10th and January 18th in Franklin and Exeter respectively.  Additionally, the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission is conducting:  “Inclusionary Zoning Implementation Program and Funding Application Workshop” in Manchester on January 23, 2008.  

A letter was received from Deb Stanley of the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust thanking the WCC and the Town of Webster for the $10,000 contribution toward the preservation of the 478 acres in Phase 3 of the Corser Family Property easement.  

A January 2, 2008, letter from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) was received in response to the inquiry letter of November 30, 2007, from the WCC as to the status of various approvals and any pending complaints and/or violations relative to the Coldbrook Campground on Battle Street.  DES indicates that the campground has approval 125 camp sites for on-site sewer connections.  Subdivision approval has been granted for a total of 536 camp sites.  DES also indicates that they have an approved public water supply totaling 53 sites.  Mr. Chwasciak has offered to contact DES in an attempt to explain the discrepancies between the various numbers of approvals.

Mapping – Adam Bronstein   Mr. Bronstein, who has offered to construct a base map and corresponding overlay maps for the WCC and the town of Webster, has contacted Ms. MacGowan and has asked to be put on the agenda for the February WCC meeting to present his work to date.

Annual Report  Ms. MacGowan will finalize the WCC’s annual report and forward it to the select board for inclusion in the town’s annual report.

Webster-Hopkinton Transfer Station Committee  Ms. Embley provided an update on the discussions at the Webster-Hopkinton Transfer Station Committee meeting regarding future of recycling in the two towns.  Much of the discussion centers on utilizing a “single stream” system with recyclables being separated at a materials recovery facility (MRF) or continuing to have the residents separate their own material for recycling and perhaps institute a “pay as you throw” system.  Ms. Embley, Ms. Janeway, Ms. MacGowan continue to attended meetings.  

Web Site and Mission Statement  The mission statement for the WCC which is to be included in the WCC website was read by Ms. MacGowan.  Ms. Embley moved that it be accepted as read.  Chwasciak seconded.  Vote to accept.  Ms. MacGowan then asked for input as to the layout of the new website and which links and categories should be included.  Suggestions such as the Audubon Society, NH Fish & Game, the Society for the Preservation of New Hampshire Forests,  DES, the Nature Conservancy, many others were mentioned.  These were categorized and recorded by Ms. MacGowan who will continue to work with the web designer in developing the website.

New Business   Ms. Roman reminded the WCC members that there is public hearing of the Planning Board on Thursday, January 17th at 7:00 regarding the new groundwater protection ordinance for Webster.  The group who drafted this ordinance is seeking planning board approval and subsequent approval at town meeting in March.

Ms. Roman also indicated that there are three important bills pending in the New Hampshire legislature.  One would increase the buffer for wetlands from its present 50 feet to 75 feet.  A second bill proposes a 5-year moratorium on large groundwater withdrawals in New Hampshire.  Third, a related bill would give towns the veto power regarding large groundwater withdrawals.

Ms. Roman asked as to the status of the warrant article for town meeting in March that would request $5000 being added to the Webster Land Preservation Fund.  Ms. MacGowan will check on that issue.  

Next Meeting  The next scheduled meeting of the WCC is at 7:30 on Tuesday, February 19, 2008.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:09 pm                  Minutes respectfully submitted by Jack Chwasciak