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Minutes - 8 January 2013

Webster Conservation Commission
8 January 2013
Meeting Minutes 

Present:  MJ MacGowan,Linda Clark, Sally Embley, Bob Quinn and Susan Roman

The meeting was called to order at 8:35 pm

Bob Quinn was seated as an acting member. Susan Roman wasappointed acting Secretary.

Minutes: The minutes from the December meetingwere unanimously approved

Correspondence: Correspondence reviewed including anletter form DES stating that the Cloues application was incomplete and arenewal for membership in Ausbon Sargent that was tabled until March todetermine fund availability.

Update on Phelps Easement Project:  An update on the status of the Phelpseasement will be provided by Susan Roman after she meets with the Five RiversConservation Trust Land Protection Committee on Thurs, January 10th.

Easement Monitoring: The Janeway, Rockefeller, O’Donnell and Riverdale easement monitoringhas been completed. The Mock Forest and adjacent Phelps easement still need tobe finished. It was decided to schedule a walk through those easements onSunday, January 13th at 1 pm. Ms MacGowan will send an e-mail to all Commission members to inviteattendance

Preparation for Meeting with WPB in February: TheCommission reviewed the new natural resource maps to prepare for presentingthem to the Webster Planning Board at that Board’s February meeting. Bob Quinnsuggested that the Commission spend more time learning about the maps and theresources shown in detail, identifying areas of high conservation values, andpursuing educational outreach with the information. The possibility of forminga subcommittee to undertake this study in order to achieve these goals morequickly was briefly discussed. Thus far, Ms Clark, Mr. Quinn and Ms Romanvolunteered with others to join in as their time permits.

 Winter Outing: A winter outing was tentativelyscheduled for March 10th. Further details to be determined.

Annual Report: Ms MacGowan asked that if there wasany input to WCC’s annual report, that it be submitted to her for inclusion.

Vegetation Clearing at Pillsbury Lake; MsClark informed the Commission of the intended application of vegetation killer over the entire PillsburyLake. Concern was expressed about toxicity and potential polluting effects.  Ms Roman will ask MJ Turcotte about theintended project and potential effects.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm
Respectfully submitted,

 SusanC. Roman